Clement Fung
PhD Student
Carnegie Mellon University

Some Recent Major Projects I've Worked On

Biscotti: A Ledger for P2P Machine Learning

Can federated learning be made more secure and private? We leverage blockchain primitives to enable secure peer-to-peer federated learning. A VRF committee verifies and aggregates SGD updates and appends the sum as a block in a ledger.
See the full paper for details.

TorMentor: Private Multi-Party Machine Learning in an Untrusted Setting

A distributed collaborative anonymous machine learning system that leverages Tor, with stronger privacy guarantees than modern solutions. This includes a side project that involves using gradient similarity to detect sybils in federated learning.
See the full paper for details.

Distributed Clocks

A vector clock instrumentation library. Distributed systems are difficult to analyze, and this project involves a suite of libraries for maintaining vector clocks and visualizing distributed communication. Includes support for Go, C, C++ and Java.
Check out the Github page.

Samza StatServer @ Linkedin

A system for collecting and aggregating user statistics for online machine learning, with a major emphasis on low read latency. Leverages Apache Kafka and Samza. Built on an internship at Linkedin in 2015.
Presented at the Samza Meetup in Feb 2016.

Venice @ Linkedin

Developed an early prototype of Linkedin's next generation derived data store. Leverages Apache Kafka and Voldemort DB. Includes a Hadoop to Venice data loading client. Built on an internship at Linkedin in 2014.
See the related Linkedin Engineering Blog Post.